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The Sorrow of Love
Emily Dickinson, WB Yeats

A collection of four poems by WB Yeats and three by Emily Dickinson... The project began in 2011 with an outpouring of musical composition by Lynne Bittner and a period of fitting composition to poem and musical genre to create the emotional impact she hoped to impart on the listener. Delving into a style that developed as the recordings required, The Wildflower Band has used the recording process as part of the compositional exploration of textures to do musical justice to the poetic masterpieces they embrace. When describing the style, Lynne uses the term "cinematic folk" eluding to the textural space and mood created by performance and production value of the songs. The core basis for the majority of the songs has been the six string acoustic guitar, in various tunings. There are two songs, Nobody Knows this Little Rose, with lyric by Emily Dickinson and The Sorrow of Love by Yeats that are based on the piano and drawn more from the tradition of American jazz. Although many great poems have been set to music, some quite successfully, it is the intention of this collection to shine a light on two great poets and to present them in a context that will reach an audience reluctant to pursue what might be considered dusty old poetry.

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Hear all of the Sorrow
The Sorrow of Love
Arose, and on the instant
A girl arose that had
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